Container Leasing

Hulda Containers offers a wide range of leasing services.

We provide flexible solutions to fit every need of our customers:

  • Long-Term / Short-Term Lease
  • Ad Hoc Lease
  • Lease/Purchase
  • Special Lease
  • Sale/Leaseback
  • Life Cycle Lease

Hulda Containers responds to your strategic, operational, and financing requirements.Our depot network covers Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. The lease is as simple as “rent-use-return” , on hire and off hire in key coastal and inland locations worldwide.

We developed in technological aspect and invested in an advanced real-time equipment control system which can provide up-to-date tracking records of each container in our fleets, thus to better serve our customers.

All container-related tracking information can be obtained through a direct, online log-in.

Current lease partners may request a user ID here and log in for tracking in our eBUSINESS section.