Container Trading

Hulda Containers sells a full line of brand-new and used shipping containers in all sizes and conditions. For new container products, we provide professional expertise to help customize your containers and deliver them to you from the factories in Asia. We have almost 20 years’ experience and thanks to the reliable cooperation based on a strong network of depots worldwide.

Hulda Containers not only sells our own in-fleet containers, but also acquires used containers from shipping lines. These containers can suit different needs, for immediate cargo shipping, for modification and construction or for ground storge etc. according to their conditions of IICL standard, certified cargo-worthy standard, or as-is standard. Every month, we see over 1,000 containers from Hulda being sold worldwide.

Hulda containers is your professional and reliable supplier of all kinds of shipping containers.

All container-related tracking information can be obtained through a direct, online log-in.

Current lease partners may request a user ID here and log in for tracking in our eBUSINESS section.